Image Source : PTI (FILE) Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi speaks in Lok Sabha during ongoing Parliament session.

Parliament session 2024: Asserting the I.N.D.I.A bloc wants a constructive debate on the NEET issue, Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi today (June 28) said it is unfortunate that they were not allowed to raise it in the Parliament. In a video message shared from his ‘X’ handle, Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to debate the issue and give the students the respect they deserve.

“The INDIA Opposition bloc wants to have a constructive debate with the Government on the NEET exam and the prevailing paper leak issue. It is unfortunate that we weren’t allowed to do so in Parliament today. This is a serious concern that is causing anxiety to lakhs of families across India,” the Congress leader said.

PM Modi should debate on paper leak issue 

“We urge the Prime Minister to debate on this issue and give the students the respect they deserve,” he said.

In the video, Gandhi said the message is for all the students, who gave the NEET exam or any other exam, and said that the opposition wanted to discuss the issue but was not allowed to do so by the government.

“There has been a disaster as far as NEET is concerned. Everybody knows that the paper was leaked, people made thousands of crores of rupees. The students were hurt, damaged. The students studied for years. It is their dream, their aspiration to enter the medical field, and that dream and aspiration has been destroyed and ridiculed,” he said.

Gandhi said the INDIA bloc parties had unanimously decided to raise the issue today (June 28).

“There was a unanimous agreement among all opposition parties that yes, a one-day discussion on NEET is required and we are committed to having that discussion peacefully in a very accommodating manner. I tried to raise it in Parliament, of course I was not allowed to speak. This is an issue that has affected two crore students,” he said.

70 papers leaked in past 7 years

The Leader of Opposition said that 70 papers have been leaked in the last seven years.

“It is clear there is a systemic problem. It is clear there is a huge amount of corruption and we simply cannot continue like this,” Gandhi said.

“Also the students want a resolution quickly. The idea behind the discussion was to get a resolution to this issue. It is unfortunate the government didn’t want it. It seemed to me the direction was directly from the Prime Minister.”

“It is sad the Prime Minister of India, who should be leading the discussion and should be telling us about his opinion and what he is going to do, simply doesn’t want a debate. We don’t want to fight the government, we want to place our views on the table,” he said.

Adjournment motion in Lok Sabha

The INDIA bloc parties on Friday gave adjournment motion notices in the Lok Sabha and notices under Rule 267 in the Rajya Sabha to take up a discussion on the NEET issue.

Amid vociferous protest by the opposition, the Lok Sabha was adjourned little after 12 noon. The Rajya Sabha saw protests and more than one adjournments before the opposition MPs staged a walkout as the Chairman refused to adjourn the House after Congress MP Phulo Devi Netam fainted and was taken to the hospital.

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