In a critical reaction to Lok Sabha Leader of Opposition (LoP) Rahul Gandhi’s speech, former Haryana minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Anil Vij on Tuesday alleged that it was a deep conspiracy to create a fight among people of different religions as the Congress leader wants “another partition of India”.

The BJP leader also said that Rahul Gandhi’s speech should be ignored for the peace of India.

According to ANI, Anil Vij said: “…It was a deep conspiracy to create a fight between people of different religions. He wants another partition of India. Partition is in the DNA of the Congress party…”

“He wants to divide castes into different parts…The speech of Rahul Gandhi should be ignored for the peace of the nation..,” he added.

The Lok Sabha on Tuesday witnessed a massive uproar in the House over Rahul Gandhi’s speech and comments pertaining to the Hindu community.

The saffron party has accused the Congress leader of “insulting” the Hindu community.

Targeting the BJP-led government, Gandhi said that there has been “a systematic attack” on the idea of India.

“There has been a systematic and full-scale assault on the idea of India, the Constitution and on the people who resisted the attack on the Constitution. Many of us were personally attacked. Some of the leaders are still in jail. Anyone who resisted the idea of concentration of power and wealth, aggression on poor and Dalits and minorities was crushed. ..I was attacked by the order of the Government of India, by the order of the Prime Minister of India…The most enjoyable part of it was the 55 hours of interrogation by ED…,” he said in his speech on Monday.

“Abhayamudra is the symbol of Congress…The Abhayamudra is the gesture of fearlessness, is the gesture of reassurance and safety, which dispels fear and accords divine protection and bliss in Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and other Indian religions….All our great men have spoken about non-violence and finishing fear…But, those who call themselves Hindu only talk about violence, hatred, untruth…Aap Hindu ho hi nahi,” the Congress leader said.