Ram Charan reveals daughter Klin Kaara’s face in heartwarming Father’s Day surprise

Fans received a delightful surprise from Ram Charan when he revealed his daughter Klin Kaara’s face for the first time on Father’s Day. The heartwarming moment was captured in a photo shared on X by a member of his team, showing Ram’s joyful expression as he lifts his daughter in his arms.

In an interview with TOI, Ram Charan spoke about his deep love for Klin Kaara, confessing that he is completely captivated by her. He recounted his initial experiences as a father, describing a mix of responsibility and joy. He was particularly struck by the strong bond between his wife and their daughter, a connection he initially struggled to fully understand. A friend reassured him that feeling uncertain is normal, explaining that the parental bond often deepens over time.
Ram also shared that Chiranjeevi is very loving as a grandfather. He mentioned his desire to be addressed by a unique name, opting for something different from the traditional ‘thatha’ in Telugu.

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