Ramesh Pisharody congratulates his friend Dharmajan Bolgatty on 'marrying again'

Ramesh Pisharody has finally posted a note congratulating his dear friend Dharmajan Bolgatty for officially registering his marriage. “Da, I came home with Anu!” This is what Dharmajan told me on the phone; for me, that was his real wedding. He could have officially registered the wedding a few years later, without letting anyone know. However, they married again in the presence of their kids and took pictures in their ‘wedding’ attire. It was marvellous! This is his life, his decision, and his happiness. His happiness is always mine too,” Pisharody wrote.

Dharmajan and Anuja eloped and married 16 years ago, but they hadn’t officially registered their wedding then. The couple decided to register the wedding years later to ensure the security of their kids.