The Real Madrid Foundation — branch of the renowned Real Madrid Club managing its football programs worldwide—has established a pioneering partnership with sports branding company Conscient Sports. This collaboration aims to foster young footballers at the grassroots level, combining Real Madrid Foundation and Real Madrid’s legendary football philosophy with Conscient Sports’ extensive expertise and dedication to Indian football.

Generic image of football on the ground(Action Images via Reuters)

The training methodology of Real Madrid Foundation and Real Madrid blends the traditional football ethos with modern coaching philosophies. It offers unique experiences tailored for the young footballers and families, complementing mainstream education. This approach aims to enhance developmental goals, including leadership skills. The platform not only advances sporting abilities but also fosters high-performance individuals, inspired by Real Madrid’s. The programme’s curated experiences create an enriching environment for student growth in positive life values.

“Real Madrid’s legacy of excellence finds a perfect partner in Conscient Sports, whose unparalleled expertise and dedication to grassroots development in India are second to none,” said Emilio Butragueno, Legend, Director – Real Madrid Institutional Relations and Official Spokesperson. He further added, “Conscient Sports’ extensive knowledge of the Indian football landscape and their relentless pursuit of excellence make them the ideal ally for our mission. There is no better partner in India to help us realize our vision of nurturing young football talent.”

“Over the last 14 years, football has evolved dramatically, with new emphasis on physicality, speed, tactical flexibility, and high-intensity pressing. Our young athletes need training that aligns with these advancements and prepares them for the future. Conscient Sports has continually adapted coaching philosophies to meet the evolving needs of players and their families. And this is in sync with the philosophy of the club. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our athletes are not only prepared for global challenges but also inspired to excel. We are dedicated to driving the growth of football in India, aspiring to host championships and tournaments that will shine a spotlight on our homegrown talent,” said Kriti Jain Gupta, Director of Conscient Sports.

This historic collaboration between Real Madrid Foundation and Conscient Sports promises to usher in an era of exciting new beginnings, shaping the future of football in India.