NEW DELHI: Indian embassy in Kenya issued an advisory on X (formerly Twitter), cautioning Indian citizens residing in the country amidst the ongoing unrest. The post stated, “In view of the prevailing tense situation, all Indians in Kenya are advised to exercise utmost caution, restrict non-essential movement and avoid the areas affected by the protests and violence till the situation clears up.Please follow local news and Mission’s website and social media handles for updates.”

The advisory comes in the wake of violent confrontations between protesters and police forces in various cities across Kenya, including the capital, Nairobi. The clashes erupted following the Kenyan parliament’s approval of a contentious finance bill that introduces tax increases, further exacerbating the nation’s already dire cost-of-living crisis.
According to eyewitness accounts, security forces resorted to using tear gas, water cannons, and firing shots above the heads of protesters in an attempt to disperse the crowds. In response, demonstrators hurled stones at the police. As the parliamentary debate on the tax bill unfolded, riot police formed a perimeter around the parliament building and the State House, which serves as the president’s office and residence. The bill was ultimately passed, and the parliament subsequently adjourned, even as protesters assembled outside the building.
The demonstrations reflect the growing discontent among Kenyans, who are not only opposed to the tax hikes but also demanding the resignation of President William Ruto. The country is currently grappling with a severe economic crisis, and the new tax measures have further fueled public anger and frustration.