As reported in an exclusive by PEOPLE, reality TV star Eboni K. Williams will soon be a mom. The Real Housewives of New York City alum is expecting to meet her baby in August. The good news knocked on her door two years after she announced her in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey, and she revealed she was using her frozen eggs to pursue motherhood. She also revealed that she is expecting a baby girl.

Eboni K Williams is expecting her ‘Miracle’ baby girl in August(@ebonikwilliams\Instagram)

Williams called her baby a “remarkable baby”. Here’s why.

Talking about her IVF journey, the 40-year-old explained the challenges of the process and how she and her baby have overcome those. Williams said, “Anybody who’s gone through IVF or attempted IVF will tell you so many things have to go right for the final result of this journey to be a baby.” She further added, “That’s why I’ve called this ‘my remarkable miracle’ because it really does feel like I’ve been the recipient of some very enormous favour from God above.”

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The Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams star further explained that she froze her eggs at the age of 34. During the egg retrieval cycle, it was fate that of all her eggs, there was only one genetically normal embryo, and the transfer of that embryo was a success. She cannot wait to welcome her baby girl on August 16 this year.

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‘I was not the little girl that grew up fantasizing about having kids’

The mom-to-be confessed that being a mother was not on her to-do list for a long time. Even when she froze her eggs, she was not sure if or when she would use those eggs in future. According to PEOPLE, she said, “I want to say that with conviction and clarity; I was not the little girl that grew up fantasizing about having kids and what I would name them and all of that. That was not my dream or fantasy. I had no real expectation around it.”

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