Riyaz Khan's Dubai Jose vs. Mammootty's Turbo Jose, who reigns supreme? Netizens debate

Social media these days is filled with memes and videos featuring a character played by actor Riyaz Khan. The character, ‘Dubai Jose’, is from the movie ‘Jalolsavam’, directed by Sibi Malayil and released 20 years ago. A particular catchphrase from the movie, ‘Adich Keri Vaa’, has gone viral. Clips of Dubai Jose, along with this catchphrase, are being widely circulated on social media.

But why is this character becoming a viral sensation now? One main reason is that Mammootty’s character in the recent movie ‘Turbo’ is also named Jose, or ‘Turbo Jose’. Netizens believe that Riyaz Khan’s Dubai Jose is far superior to Mammootty’s Turbo Jose, and that Dubai Jose has a unique appeal. One user even commented, “Riyaz Khan’s Dubai Jose thrashed #Mammootty’s disaster movie”. However, many quickly came to Mammootty’s defence, stating that Dubai Jose’s trend after Turbo’s release was coincidental and there is no need to degrade Turbo because of it.

Despite the controversy, Riyaz Khan seems to be enjoying the trend. He has posted multiple videos of Dubai Jose on his social media. In an interview with Manorama News, the actor credited Sibi Malayil, the director of ‘Jalolsavam’, for the trend. He revealed that it was Sibi Malayil who suggested incorporating ‘Adich Keri Vaa’ wherever it seemed fit.

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