Samantha Ruth Prabhu admits past mistakes in endorsing unhealthy brands

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently discussed the importance of healthy eating on her podcast, Take20. Following the episode’s release online, an internet user highlighted her current focus on healthy habits, contrasting it with her past endorsements of unhealthy food and beverage brands. This comment appeared to have a significant impact on Samantha.

In response, Samantha candidly addressed her past mistakes, acknowledging that she had previously endorsed unhealthy products when she wasn’t fully informed. She explained that she has since turned down many such endorsements. Samantha shared that she has now integrated health and fitness into her lifestyle and strives to inspire those within her sphere of influence to adopt healthier lifestyles. She emphasized that with her newfound knowledge, it is difficult to overlook things she was once unaware of. Whether it’s her choice of food or brands, her entire ethos now centres on living a healthy life.

Samantha took a break from acting after being diagnosed with myositis, an autoimmune disease. She was last seen on screen in the 2023 films Shaakunthalam with Dev Mohan and Kushi with Vijay Deverakonda. In 2022, Samantha first opened up about her diagnosis with myositis.
Currently, Samantha is gearing up for the release of Citadel: Honey Bunny alongside actor Varun Dhawan. The upcoming web series is the Indian chapter of the Russo brothers’ series Citadel, which originally featured Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden.