Sameera Reddy shares postpartum struggle after body scrutiny by `bhajiwala`

Sameera Reddy candidly delved into the challenging journey of dealing with postpartum body comments in a recent interview on Janice Sequeira`s Youtube channel. Recounting her experiences, the actor revealed that after giving birth to her son Hans in 2015, she gained a significant amount of weight. During that time, even ordinary vegetable sellers were unsparing in their remarks, asking questions like, `Didi kya ho gaya aapko? (What happened to you?)`

In the video interview, Sameera opened up about the unkind comments that surrounded her postpartum body. She expressed, “I had a lot of issues with my first pregnancy… I had postpartum blues. I also put on a lot of weight… and people are so unforgiving. Even the bhaajiwala (vegetable seller) will say, `Didi kya ho gaya apko? (What happened to you?)` `Didi aap ho? (Is that really you?)` I still sometimes am amazed how Indians have this beautiful knack of saying, ‘Aap badal gaye ho na madam? (You have changed quite a bit).’”

Sameera continued, revealing that such comments no longer hold power over her. She confessed, “I think I was caught in my own demons of how people were perceiving me. I was so scared of being photographed by paps that I would not go out. I look back and I want to shake myself up now and say, `Sameera, why did you do that to yourself?` Recently, she shared nostalgic pictures of a meeting between her children, Hans and Nyra, husband Akshai Varde, and the veteran actor Rekha. In her caption, she reminisced, “When my kids met Rekha Ji, this memory just popped up on my phone and I remember so clearly Nyra was so cranky that day, I was very hassled and it’s incredible how RekhaJi took the time to settle her and of course, Hans got sweet hugs too! A memory for us to show them when they grow up. #legend #throwback #messymama #motherhood #moments. (sic.)”

After featuring in several Bollywood films such as Race, Darna Mana Hai, Taxi Number 9211, De Dana Dan, Aakrosh, Musafir, Jai Chiranjeeva, Ashok, Varanam Aayiram, and Tezz, Sameera took a step back from the industry after marrying entrepreneur Akshai Varde in 2014. Following the birth of her son Hans in 2015 and daughter Nyra in 2019, she now champions body positivity and connects with her fans through engaging Instagram reels.