Sanjeeda Shaikh, who is receiving accolades for her role as Waheeda in Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s debut web series Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, recently opened up about her personal journey, including her divorce from Aamir Ali and how she draws strength from her daughter.
In an interview with Hauterrfly, Sanjeeda shared her perspective on overcoming challenges and expressed gratitude for emerging stronger from difficult times.She stated, “I feel I am very lucky (to have emerged from) whatever happened with me. Maybe I felt then that I was the most depressed person, or I was very sad, or, ‘What is happening with me, what is happening with my life?’ But to overcome all of that and to be happy with this version of myself, I am blessed.”
Sanjeeda further talked about the significance of positivity and self-belief, cautioning against partners who may try to demotivate or limit one’s potential. She said, “There are men, and there are partners who try to demotivate you, who tell you that you can’t do anything. Or they will say you will not be able to do this. It’s better to be away from such people. It’s crucial to distance from demotivating partners and prioritize self-love and empowerment, she emphasized.

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Regarding her role as a single mother, Sanjeeda mentioned that motherhood transcends relationship status. She stated, “What is a single mother? I am a mother… My responsibilities won’t change. As a mother, what I have to do, I will do it.”

Sanjeeda and Aamir Ali were in a long-term relationship before getting married in 2012. However, they separated in 2020 after eight years of marriage, and their divorce was finalized in 2021. Sanjeeda is now focused on raising their daughter Ayra Ali and embracing her journey as a mother with resilience and positivity.