Satya Nadella said that he is not very fond of the term Artificial Intelligence as the Microsoft CEO offered a contrasting view on human-computer interaction. Referring to the practice of attributing human qualities to machines, he said, “I don’t like anthropomorphizing AI. I sort of believe it’s a tool.”

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella speaks during the Microsoft Build opening keynote at the Seattle Convention Center Summit Building in Seattle, Washington.(AFP)

Expressing dislike for the term “artificial intelligence” itself which was coined in the 1950s, he said, “I think one of the most unfortunate names is ‘artificial intelligence’ — I wish we had called it ‘different intelligence’. Because I have my intelligence. I don’t need any artificial intelligence.”

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Satya Nadella also acknowledged the natural tendency to describe AI in human terms. He said that people seek ways to understand complex algorithms behind the software using relatable terms like “learning” to explain its function. This may strengthen in the future as companies release more advanced AI capable of real-time conversation, he said.

Emphasising on the importance of user awareness, Satya Nadella said that the capabilities displayed by AI software are not equivalent to human intelligence. He said, “It has got intelligence, if you want to give it that moniker, but it’s not the same intelligence that I have.”

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