Coimbatore: The city cybercrime police have recovered 40 lakh from a scamster and returned it to a senior citizen who had fallen prey to a courier scam.
Police said Chandrasekar, 70, a traditional medicine practitioner from SaiBaba colony in the city, received a call on May 23 from a person who identified himself as a customs officer from Delhi.
The caller claimed that the customs department had found narcotics in a parcel registered in Chandrasekar’s name.He asked Chandrasekar to appear at the customs office. He further asked Chandrasekar to pay 40 lakh to avoid any action against him. The caller also gave an assurance that the amount will be returned, if Chandrasekar was proved innocent.
Unaware of the deceit, Chandrasekar transferred the money to the fraudster’s account. He later realised that he had been cheated when he checked with the customs office in Delhi.
Based on his complaint, the city cybercrime police registered a case. They subsequently contacted the bank concerned, instructed them to freeze the account and retrieved the disputed amount.
“We successfully retrieved and restored the disputed amount to the victim’s account within 15 days,” a police officer said.

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