THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Governor A M Khan on Saturday said he was forced to set up search committees for the selection of vice-chancellors in six universities as the universities refused to cooperate with the procedure upon the instructions by state govt.
The governor said he had written to Kerala University six times, asking the varsity to recommend its nominee to be included in the search committee.“The university syndicates have the right to approach the court. Chancellor also has the right to go ahead with the search committees. Nobody can prevent the chancellor,” he said.
Since universities have refused to give their nominees to the search committee, the governor has set up the committees for six universities without university nominees. Earlier, state government used to set up the search committees on behalf of the chancellor and the chancellor used to choose a nominee, mostly the one preferred by govt, to the VC post. However, govt preferred to run the universities with ad hoc hands as it fear the governor would hand pick candidates of his choice to key posts if selection process is initiated.

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