NEW DELHI: As the nation prepares for Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s third consecutive oath-taking ceremony on June 9, the Delhi Police has implemented rigorous security measures to ensure the safety of all attendees.
Officials have stated that multi-layered security arrangements have been put in place for the event, including the deployment of five companies of paramilitary forces to safeguard Rashtrapati Bhavan.
In addition to the paramilitary forces, “NSG commandos, drones, and snipers will also guard the Rashtrapati Bhavan for the mega event.” The Kartavya Path police station has been closely monitoring the areas through CCTV cameras to maintain a high level of vigilance.
With dignitaries from around the world expected to attend the swearing-in ceremony, the security arrangements have been tailored to meet the protocol requirements for each Head of state. The hotels where the dignitaries will be staying have also been subject to enhanced security measures.
The area surrounding Rashtrapati Bhavan has been designated as a ‘controlled’ area, with vehicle movement restricted to those possessing event passes on specific roads, including Sansad Marg, Rafi Marg, Raisina Road, Rajendra Prasad Road, Mother Teresa Crescent, and Sardar Patel Marg. The event will be monitored by over 500 CCTVs, and Section 144 has been imposed throughout New Delhi.
Furthermore, Delhi has been declared a “no-flying” zone for the duration of the ceremony. The Delhi Police has prohibited the use of sub-conventional aerial platforms, such as “para-gliders, para-motors, hang-gliders, UAVS, UASS, microlight aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft, hot air balloons, small sized powered aircraft, quadcopters or para-jumping from aircraft etc.” within the jurisdiction of the NCT of Delhi. This measure aims to prevent any potential threats from criminal, anti-social elements, or terrorists.
The heightened security measures come in the wake of Narendra Modi’s formal appointment as Prime Minister by the President of India on Friday, following the submission of letters of support from NDA constituent parties. The BJP secured 240 seats in the recent elections, a significant decrease from their 2019 tally of 303, while the Congress made substantial gains, winning 99 seats. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance won 292 seats, while the INDIA bloc surpassed 230 seats, presenting a formidable challenge and defying predictions.