Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone`s action-packed moments over the years

10 years ago, Deepika Padukone kicked Shah Rukh Khan in a hilarious scene from Rohit Shetty`s masala Bollywood film, Chennai Express. Ever since, the beating series continues! Chennai Express, which debuted on August 8 in cinema halls, revolved around a middle-aged man who sets out to immerse his grandfather`s ashes in Rameshwaram but he finds himself in trouble after helping a don`s daughter.

From larger-than-life action scenes to rib-tickling humour and pure love story, Rohit packed all elements of a blockbuster in a film. One of the iconic scenes from Chennai Express is Deepika`s Meenamma kicking Shah Rukh`s Rahul while he was fast asleep after she got a nightmare. Her possessed act and his perfect comic timing made it land correctly.

While Shah Rukh and Deepika have romanced each other in several films like Om Shanti Om, Happy New Year, and even Chennai Express, their fight sequences have a distinct and impressive appeal. When she pushed him out of bed in the hilarious Chennai Express scene, fans loved it to the core and responded with cheers and claps. In Pathaan, the kick had a more serious connotation but the impact and Shah Rukh`s reaction were fun to watch. 

Speaking of Pathaan, Deepika played an ISI agent named Rubai and Shah Rukh was the Indian spy, Pathaan. When he landed in trouble, she came to his rescue by smacking people who worked with Jim (John Abraham). The beginning of the hardcore action sequence featured a kick by Deepika. She pushed Shah Rukh aside before showing her ruthless side. That action move had every person`s attention and appreciation. 

Taking the beating series forward, the `prevue` of Jawan gave a glimpse of Deepika`s cameo. Shah Rukh is headlining it with Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi and an ensemble. Deepika has a special role which is said to be crucial to the plot. In a scene, she wore a saree and performed a high-octane stunt. It included lifting Shah Rukh and throwing him down. Not much about her role has been disclosed as of now but reports claim Deepika will be seen as Shah Rukh`s wife. 

The audience has loved Deepika and Shah Rukh`s on-screen romance but their fight scenes are popular too. May the fun beating series continue!