Shane Nigam lands in controversy again; Walks out off RDX - Malayalam News

Young Malayalam actor Shane Nigam has yet again become embroiled in a controversy after he abruptly left the set of his upcoming film titled, RDX. According to reports, the actor walked out during the filming of scenes featuring himself and actors Antony Varghese and Neeraj Madhav. Due to this, the filming of director Nahas Hidhayath’s debut movie, ‘RDX’, has come to a halt. The incident happened on Monday night when he walked off the set in the presence of senior actors such as Lal, Babu Antony, and Baiju Santhosh. According to reports, Shane insisted on having a more prominent role than the other actors, and there have been rumors about his disruptive behavior causing previous delays in the shoot.

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On Tuesday morning, fellow actor Antony Varghese posted a message on social media, hinting at his dissatisfaction with the situation, saying “No drama, please. Dedicated to those who are playing real-life drama here.”

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RDX is anticipated to be a thrilling action film, with the actors undergoing extensive training for their roles. Despite the controversy, Shane Nigam has shared videos from the set on his social media, but has yet to respond to the allegations. This isn’t the first time Shane Nigam has been involved in controversy, having previously clashed with the makers of ‘Veyil’ during filming for being late to set and allegedly violating the film’s terms by altering his hairstyle. This resulted in a month long filming delay.

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After a huge discussion between the producers and actors association the issue was resolved then.

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