Sharmin Segal, who has faced her share of trolling and negative comments, chooses to focus on the positives. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, she expressed her gratitude for being noticed and having the opportunity to showcase her craft. “I mean, at the end of the day, I’m just thankful for the fact that people are noticing me. There’s positive, there’s negative, there’s a whole bunch of stuff that goes with the fact that you’re being noticed, and I’m just grateful that I’ve got this opportunity to be able to put my craft out there for people to see,” Sharmin said.
She acknowledged that while people have the right to their opinions, the overwhelming love for her character Alamzaib and the show itself is what she cherishes the most. “Whatever it is, people will say what they have to say. They have the right to say what they have to say because you’re a creative person, and you’re putting yourself out there for an audience to perceive you. People will say what they have to say, but the love that Alamzaib’s character is also getting is immense,” she added.
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Sharmin Segal EXCLUSIVE on TROLLS: Grateful For Putting My Craft Out There, Love For Alamzeb Immense

“But we tend to highlight things that people would want to talk about or gossip about or turn it into gossip more than anything else. We tend to look over the positives; I do it sometimes too, I look at the negatives only and not the positives, and then I go back and I’m like but how can I ignore so many people reaching out to me and giving me so much love,” she expressed.
Sharmin also reflected on the global reach of ‘Heeramandi’ through the OTT platform. She described the experience of receiving appreciation from all over the world as overwhelming and humbling. “’Heeramandi’ is getting love across the globe. And OTT as a platform has made it possible to reach any number of people. Honestly, it feels overwhelming to get appreciation from people from all over the world. There’s one thing when your mom and dad tell you, ‘Okay beta, you did a good job,’ and then there are people in America, Europe, and Germany who appreciate you. It feels like your work is reaching people, and they’re connecting with you,” Sharmin said.

She emphasized her gratitude for OTT platforms that allow artists to transcend borders and reach audiences worldwide. “I’m very grateful for a platform like Netflix to be able to give an artist the ability to transcend borders and reach everyone around the globe. It’s actually very humbling, to be very honest,” she stated.

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