MUMBAI: The Eknath Shinde-led Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Shirsat on Wednesday blamed ‘surveys’ for loss of seats of their faction. The Shinde Sena fought 15 seats in the Maha Yuti and won 7 of them. Shirsat said many candidates or seats were changed by showing surveys. Shirsat said that in the seat-sharing talks in the Maha Yuti, the survey was the centre point.“In the name of the survey, several seats were changed and we have suffered a loss. I am accepting this. People got many surveys and made various claims. So we became overconfident and we suffered losses because of these surveys,” Shirsat said.
“As the seats were declared late, the candidate got less time at the last moment. It’s too late to reach the voters and a lot of politics is already played at this time by the rivals. But, it should be clear. It should be discussed sometime. As for the result, we have won 7 out of 15 seats. Accordingly, our strike rate is good. Congress and NCP (Sharad Pawar) benefited the most from MVA. Those (Congress) who had one seat, now got 13 seats. Congress and NCP did not work wholeheartedly for Sena (UBT) candidates. Sangli is a vivid example,” Shirsat said.
“Sena (UBT) was successful in 9 out of 21 seats. Therefore, there is a need to reflect on how 13 seats fell. People are accepting the vote given in this Lok Sabha elections. This mistake will not happen again. We will make up for this setback in the assembly,” Shirsat said.
Sena Minister Deepak Kesarkar said that Uddhav Thackeray was a leader of the minorities and not Marathi manoos anymore. Kesarkar said that the minority votes have ensured Sena (UBT) wins and not the Marathi votes. Kesarakr said that the Sena (UBT won seats because of the ‘fatwas’.
“In South Mumbai, there was mass voting of the minorities for the Sena (UBT). So the Marathi community is not with the Sena (UBT). Mumbai has voted against you and only the minorities have voted in your favour. The Sena (UBT) has only won because of fatwas. In many assembly constituencies, Marathi voters have given only thin margins to the Sena (UBT). This is the magic of the fatwas,” Kesarkar said.
Kesarkar had earlier said that it was a mistake to declare candidates at the last minute. Kesarkar said that while rival candidates got almost 2 months to campaign their candidates got only 20-21 days to campaign.