Siddique apologises for mistreatment of journalists at AMMA general body meeting

In the incident where journalists who came to cover the AMMA General Body meeting were manhandled, newly elected association general secretary Siddique issued an apology.
It was reported that journalists invited to cover the event were mistreated by the bouncers present. The journalists were told beforehand that they would have 10 minutes after 10 am to take pictures and visuals of the event. However, they were treated poorly by the event coordinators.
The media personnel were blocked outside the convention centre and made to stand in the rain. In response to this, Siddique issued an apology on behalf of AMMA.

In his apology note, he wrote, “After the AMMA general body meeting yesterday evening, certain actions from our side caused mental distress to the media personnel. These actions were purely due to my negligence. Due to some personal reasons, I had to leave the venue for a while, which led to this lapse. I am fully aware that this apology does not resolve the mental distress you experienced. However, I assure you that such actions will never occur from the association’s side in the future. Taking full responsibility for this incident, I offer my unconditional apology.”