Thiruvananthapuram: There was no delay in the probe into the ragging incident at Pookode Veterinary College that had led to Sidharthan’s death, said chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan in the assembly on Monday. However, there were lapses by the officials in procedures, he said.
Govt had taken strict action against three officials of the home department for these lapses, and they were suspended from service.However, they were reinstated after getting an explanation from these officials.
Vijayan reiterated that there was no delay in the investigation into the incident. “Sidharthan’s death was most unfortunate. He was found by his friends having committed suicide inside the hostel room. All scientific evidence was collected by the investigating team, including CCTV visuals. In the investigation, it was found that Sidharthan was subjected to ragging and he also faced severe torture inside the campus. Following the seriousness of the issue, a special investigation team was formed in the case. This team had arrested 20 students who had direct links with the case,” he said.
The chief minister said Sidharthan’s mother had met him and sought a CBI probe into the incident, following which govt decided to hand over the case to CBI. tnn

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