Justin Timberlake. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

Days after his arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI), singer Justin Timberlake responded to his fans during his Forget Tomorrow tour at Chicago’s United Center. Speaking about the incident, he said, “It’s been a tough week. I know I’m hard to love sometimes but you keep loving me right back.”

Justin Timberlake. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

On Tuesday, Timberlake was arrested on charges of drinking and driving by the Sag Harbour police. The singer’s trouble began when he was drinking a $21 James Bond-famous Vesper Martini at the American Hotel in the Hamptons. According to court papers, he then departed in a 2025 BMW, which led to his arrest for allegedly violating a stop sign and failing to maintain his lane.

Timberlake was charged with DWI and given driving penalties after the incident. He was arrested by a young officer, who did not recognise the singer, which resulted in a bodycam-captured interaction in which Timberlake declared, “This is going to ruin the tour”. To which the officer replied blankly, “What tour?”

CNN reports stated that Timberlake’s friends claimed to have just had one martini. According to police records, the 43-year-old smelled of alcohol, rejected three breathalyzer tests, and ran a stop sign.

Eyewitnesses revealed that Timberlake had gone far to consume another drink while they were away from the table. Reportedly, cops stated that “they could smell a strong odour of an alcoholic beverage. He was unable to divide attention, he had slowed speech, he was unsteady a foot”.

In the mugshot, the Sexy Black singer had blood shot eyes. On the same day, Timberlake attended his court hearing, he donned casual attire and was not bailed. It was stated that he has a history when it comes to drinking and has struggled to manage excessive drinking.

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