The tapioca-based Boba teas have become an instant hit among all. Today, cafes and eateries are serving this drink in different flavours catering to everyone’s taste palettes 

Easy Boba, one of the leading names in the boba tea industry, is thrilled to offer a range of summer coolers, specially crafted to refresh and delight boba tea and coffee enthusiasts in Mumbai. As temperatures soar, Easy Boba’s vibrant summer coolers with international taste are set to become the perfect way to beat the heat.

This summer, Easy Boba’s new collection features a wide array of tantalising flavours designed to cater to diverse palates. The collection includes:

Litchi Watermelon: A refreshing blend that combines the exotic sweetness of litchi with the crisp, hydrating taste of watermelon. This cooler is perfect for those who crave a light yet flavorful drink, topped with green apple popping boba.

Summer Berries: Bursting with the goodness of assorted berries, this cooler is a vibrant mix that promises a tangy and sweet symphony in every sip. Ideal for berry lovers looking for a refreshing twist, topped with blueberry popping boba.

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Mango: Embrace the king of fruits in a bubble tea. The mango cooler offers a rich, tropical flavour that is both creamy and refreshing, making it a summer staple for mango enthusiasts, topped with green apple popping boba.

Passion Fruit: For those who prefer a tart and tangy kick, the passion fruit cooler is the way to go. Its unique flavour profile makes it a standout choice among the summer offerings, topped with green apple popping boba.

Cranberry: This cooler combines the bold and tart flavour of cranberries, topped with litchi popping boba, creating a perfect balance of sweet and sour that`s incredibly refreshing.

Easy Boba sources its key ingredients from Taiwan, which is known for its premium produce. The new summer coolers are made with premium teas and popping bobas, offering a unique and enjoyable experience in every cup, giving an international taste.

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Mumbai, known for its culinary diversity, is the perfect city for Easy Boba’s expansion. With the introduction of these summer coolers, Easy Boba aims to bring a refreshing twist to traditional bubble tea, making it a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

“We are happy to offer summer coolers in Mumbai,” said Adnan Sarkar, founder of Easy Boba. He adds, “Our goal is to provide our customers with international taste and refreshing beverages that not only cool them down but also bring joy and satisfaction. We believe our new collection will be a hit, especially in the bustling and diverse food culture of Mumbai.”

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