Social media erupts over Ashwin Bhaskar's remix of Riyaz Khan's 'adich keri vaa' dialogue

Actor Riyaz Khan’s ‘adich keri vaa’ dialogue from the movie Jalolsavam recently took social media by storm. The video was widely circulated, and the character Riyaz played in Jalolsavam, Dubai Jose, also became an internet sensation.
Recently, singer-songwriter Ashwin Bhaskar gave the dialogue a new twist by creating a remix out of it. Ashwin added a few words to the dialogue to create the remix version. The video, which is only 2 minutes long, has been receiving a wonderful response from people.

Ashwin Bhaskar has won applause for his remix videos before as well. ‘Perfect OK’, which came out during the Covid pandemic, became a huge hit. Remixes like ‘Kochu Poombatte’, ‘Kakkamma’, and ‘Paripp’ were also very popular.
In an interview with Manorama News, Riyaz Khan credited Sibi Malayil, the director of ‘Jalolsavam’, for the trend. He revealed that it was Sibi Malayil who suggested incorporating ‘Adich Keri Vaa’ wherever it seemed fit.

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