Solos unveils AirGo Vision, the world's first smart glasses with GPT-4o


Solos’ newest smart glasses have eyes of their own. The company has announced AirGo Vision, the first smart glasses with GPT-4o and generative artificial intelligence (AI) that can analyze visual input.

So, why do glasses need ChatGPT? Instead of using a service like Google Lens on your phone to search for something, Solos says AirGo Vision will provide real-time information based on visual input, such as recognizing people, objects, or landmarks (similar to Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses), or giving walking directions, checking the price of something, and more.

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Wearers can capture photos hands-free to ask for information. Examples could include discovering the next step in a recipe or help with finding where to purchase an item.  

The glasses will be able to answer multiple queries at once. An example search in Solos’ press announcement reads: “What am I looking at, and how much does it cost? Is there a better price somewhere else?”

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AirGo Vision will have swappable frames, meaning users can decide whether they want smart glasses with front cameras or no cameras. 

A built-in LED notification light will give users a discrete flash to let them know they have an alert. Solos says visual alerts could be useful in a noisy environment where notifications might be missed, a quiet environment where someone has notifications turned off, and for users who might be hard of hearing. 

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AirGo Vision isn’t Solos’ first foray into AI-powered smart glasses. The company unveiled AirGo3 smart glasses with ChatGPT at CES 2024. While AirGo3 glasses use audio to allow wearers to talk with ChatGPT, AirGo Vision glasses let users search for information with visual input. 

AirGo Vision will be available later this year, with three styles of LED-only frames set for release in July and an MSRP of $249.99.