NEW DELHI: Passengers on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Goa faced trouble at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in Delhi on Saturday after the flight was delayed for several hours.
The airline said that the delay of flight SG-211 was caused by operational issues, as the originally scheduled aircraft had to be grounded due to a technical problem.
According to the passenger, SpiceJet flight SG-211, initially set to take off at 9.35 am from Delhi, underwent multiple rescheduling changes, then the departure time was adjusted to 10.35 am, then to 11 am, but the flight still did not take off even at 11.
Upon raising their concerns with the airline staff, passengers were informed that the flight would now depart at 4 pm.
A passenger traveling with family members, including elderly individuals and children, expressed frustration, claiming that the airline made no arrangements and instructed them to wait at the airport.
“We have hotel bookings and other plans at the Goa but it is all ruined because of SpiceJet. The flight tickets in other airlines at the last moment are very high and it can’t be feasible to purchase for eight people,” the passenger said.
According to passengers, airline staff informed them that a flight arriving from Jammu at 3.35 pm would be used for the Goa-bound flight, which would depart at 4 pm. However, no refreshments were provided to the waiting passengers during this time.
SpiceJet acknowledged the delay, stating that it was due to operational reasons. The airline in a statement said, “An alternate aircraft is being arranged to operate the flight. Passengers are being served refreshments. Inconvenience caused to the passengers is deeply regretted.”
(With inputs from agencies)

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