ULHASNAGAR: In an ongoing action against illegal hoarding owners, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) has filed an FIR against local BJP leader Naresh Tharwani, who has put up an illegal hoarding on a commercial building in Ulhasnagar.
Meanwhile, in an attempt to prevent any action against Tharwani, Ulhasnagar city’s BJP president Pradeep Ramchandani allegedly tried to exert pressure on UMC’s Additional Municipal Commissioner Jamir Lengrekar by visiting his cabin at UMC’s headquarters.
It is alleged that upon seeing Ramchandani’s misbehavior, Lengrekar called the security guard, asking them to remove Ramchandani from his cabin.
When asked about the issue, Ramchandani said, “Since Lengrekar was taking action only on the hoardings of his party’s supporters and not taking action on the hoardings related to other parties, he went to seek answers from Lengrekar, which made Lengrekar angry.”
Ramchandani further stated that when Lengrekar called the security guards, he himself left the cabin and complained to UMC’s Commissioner Aziz Sheikh about the entire incident.
This incident, involving the BJP’s local top leader in the city, has become a topic of discussion throughout the entire city.
Following the hoarding incident in the Ghatkopar area in Mumbai, the UMC has also started taking action against illegal hoardings in Ulhasnagar. In the past, it has registered two FIRs against an advertising agency owner and landowners and removed many illegal and dangerous hoardings from the city.