Starlink, Comcast collaborate to expand enterprise managed connectivity

While connectivity for US enterprises is increasingly more pervasive, it’s by no means ubiquitous, and in what is descried as a first-of-its-kind relationship, Comcast Business and Starlink are linking up to address the demand for reliable connectivity for US enterprises with locations where traditional networks fall short.

Assessing the business problems to be solved, the two companies noted that enterprises operating multiple, disparate locations are faced with unique connectivity challenges, particularly those with locations where traditional networks don’t reach. From geographic limitations to scalability concerns and reliability issues, these companies face challenges less commonly encountered by their counterparts in more densely populated areas.

At the heart of the agreement, Comcast Business will use Starlink low earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology to enhance network redundancy and deliver connectivity to enterprise customers in such underserved locations and regions.

The collaboration will look to address the demand for reliable, managed connectivity for these enterprise customers, as well as offer an innovative service for enterprises looking to enhance network redundancy.

It will also aim to enable advanced satellite capabilities in Comcast Business’s Managed Connectivity portfolio to deliver fast and reliable connectivity that supports a range of business applications for enterprise customers, including those with locations in underserved regions.

“As the first major network provider to collaborate with Starlink, we’re excited to uniquely enhance our extensive managed connectivity portfolio with advanced satellite capabilities to better serve our enterprise customers,” said Jon Friedman, senior vice-president of product strategy and operations at Comcast Business. “Starlink’s LEO satellite technology complements our existing network infrastructure, extends our reach and further enhances Comcast Business’s ability to deliver reliable connectivity solutions to enterprises with a human touch.”

Jason Fritch, vice-president of Starlink enterprise sales at SpaceX, said: “Starlink is excited to work with Comcast Business to deliver reliable connectivity to customers. This agreement with a leading service provider is an acknowledgement of Starlink’s growing role as a critical element in modern enterprise networks.”

The deal with Comcast Business comes just days after Qatar Airways announced a trio of its Boeing 777-300 aircraft would be the first of the airline’s planes to receive Starlink low-latency satellite Wi-Fi connectivity, with the entire modern fleet being upgraded with technology over the next two years.

Hailing the first-ever service of its kind in the MENA region, Qatar Airways said the collaboration with Starlink, the satellite internet constellation engineered and operated by SpaceX, marks a new milestone for the national carrier of the State of Qatar, further elevating what it said was the company’s “unparalleled” onboard experience.

The deployment will see one-click-access to complimentary Wi-Fi of up to 500 Mbps per plane to passengers on the selected aircraft so they can use a variety of internet-based services, such as streaming of entertainment and sports videos, online gaming, and enriched web browsing among other applications.