Julie Kelley, a flight attendant who has been flying for over 40 years, told Fodors that she “consumes at least two hot beverages on every flight she works [a]nd she has never once felt sick after drinking anything made with hot water in-flight.”

However, Charles Platkin, executive director at the Center for Food as Medicine and the researcher who oversaw the Hunter College study, isn’t convinced. He told Well+Good that he will not drink coffee while flying because of the chance of “trace elements — or sometimes significantly more — of bacteria, feces, and so forth” in airline water.

“I won’t even touch the [lavatory] water to wash my hands,” he said, adding that he opts for hand sanitizer instead.

Ultimately, like so many things in life, the choice is up to you. Still, Bologna suggests, “just have a nice coffee from the airport Starbucks [before you board].”

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This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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