Two candidates who took the NEET-UG 2024 exam on Wednesday approached the Supreme Court to oppose the proposal for its re-conduct, Live Law reported. Applicants Kritika Garg and Priyanjali Garg filed an intervention application, arguing against subjecting all students to the ordeal of rewriting the exam fue due to alleged malpractices by a few, the report said. 

The students, both residents of Meerut, stated that the NEET-UG exam is known for its difficulty and should not be invalidated based on isolated incidents. They cited their own scores of 705 and 690 marks respectively, achieved through diligent preparation and merit alone. 

As per the report, their application was filed within the framework of a Writ Petition seeking to nullify the NEET-UG 2024 results and call for a fresh examination, prompted by allegations of paper leaks and other irregularities. 

A vacation bench led by Justices Vikram Nath and Sandeep Mehta issued notice on June 13 regarding this Writ Petition, the Live Law report said.

The intervention application noted that allegations of malpractice likely affect only a small fraction of the total candidates who took the exam honestly through hard work, it added.

“Scrapping the entire process for lakhs of students due to the misdeeds of a few would be highly unjust and burdensome for students who did not engage in any wrongdoing,” the application said, as reported by Live Law.

Addressing concerns about grace marks, the applications pointed out that this issue had been resolved by conducting a separate examination for 1,563 students. They also accused opposition parties of “politicising” the matter, the report said.

The application unequivocally stated that coaching centres are pushing for a re-examination to profit from offering additional crash courses and test series to aspiring students. 

“It is baseless to allege that all high-scoring students achieved their marks through unfair means. Punishing students who have genuinely earned good scores through hard work will cause immense trauma and stress, and re-conducting the exam should not be permitted,” the application argued, as per the report. 

The applicants also highlighted a specific issue with the Physics question paper that had multiple correct answers. They argued that such issues are common in competitive exams and can be easily rectified without necessitating a complete re-examination, it added. 


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