“I wouldn`t like more characters like Sahil Sarabhai,” said actor Sumeet Raghavan when we asked him about his popular role in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The actor’s answer took us off guard as we tried to wrap our heads around it. In an exclusive interview with mid-day.com, Sumeet discussed the highs and lows he endured in his career spanning 40 years. He shed light on the stigma attached to television actors, not working in the OTT space, and more. 

The actor gained a lot of appreciation after playing Sahil Sarabhai in the popular sitcom ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’. But when asked about wanting to play more such roles, Sumeet shared that he wouldn’t like to take up any such character. Sumeet said, “No, I wouldn`t like more characters like it, because Sahil Sarabhai is the only one. I want to do something else, you know, like Rajesh Waagale, which I am doing. Or I did Vasanth Ghotala. But I wouldn`t like to repeat Sahil Sarabhai anywhere because that`s a different show altogether.”

When asked about his plan to do more OTT shows and films, the actor said, “This will be my 40th year of acting. So, I don`t feel the need to go and approach people. I mean, my work is there for everyone to see. If something like OTT comes in, I will definitely do it.”

Further, while elaborating, he said that he looks at wholesome entertainment while taking up any show. “That`s why I am a little scared of doing OTT because there is no filter. So then, what kind of work will come? Of course, choosing is in my hands. That`s why I feel that television is a safer bet. I get to do my kind of work. I get to do the work that people would like to see,” he shared.

While talking about the stigma attached to TV actors, Sumeet shared, “I do feel that we get labeled as TV actors. Even in films, it is seen that, ‘no, no, he is a television face’. I really don`t know what that means. I mean, if at all you have to, because normally what we do is, we always draw parallels with Hollywood. So there are many shows where main league actors come and do television. But having said that, I think, ‘television face’ should not be a term. An actor is an actor.”

Sumeet, who is currently portraying the character of Rajesh Waghle in `Waghle ki Duniya`, also talked about the fear he had while working on a show that was already a cult. “I was scared before, but that fear, you know, how did it disappear? Because Aanjjan Srivastav ji and Bharati Achrekar ji, both of them are with us. I mean, the real Wagle, Radhika and Srinivas, when they are with you, more than half the battle is won. And then we have sub TV. And then we have hats off productions. So, it`s a three-pronged attack. So, nothing can go wrong,” he signs off.

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