Natural-looking, glowing makeup has a certain appeal. There is no doubt that there is a lovely sweet spot in the middle, whether you like to be more natural with glowing skin or are used to rocking a full beat. Achieving a naturally glowing look is the ideal finishing touch for a variety of looks, including office-ready, full glam and even big-game makeup looks to show your support for your favourite team. Embracing the glowy makeup trends of 2024 involves prioritising natural beauty, clear skin and adopting innovative techniques. These trends signify a shift towards enhancing makeup looks with evolving methods, reflecting the continuous improvement in beauty practices.

Achieve a radiant and sun-kissed look this season with our summer 2024 beauty guide.(Unsplash)

By incorporating new techniques, makeup enthusiasts can create memorable looks that adapt to changing preferences and environmental challenges, ensuring a radiant and fresh appearance even during the hottest summer days. (Also read: Beauty hacks 101: Expert-approved sweat-proof makeup tips to conquer the humidity of summer days )

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Top glowy makeup trends for summer 2024

Avleen Bansal, Head of Training, Moira shared with HT Lifestyle top glowy makeup trends for 2024 that you must-try this summer.

1. Natural glow: In 2024, having clear and natural skin with minimum makeup is trending. Making a very thin layer of all the products and creating a natural base is what we are looking for.

2. Bold blush: Applying blush not only on the cheeks but also across the temples and eyes for a cohesive sculpted look. The dark, blush colours on the face embrace the look and sometimes match the eye makeup.

3. Muted blurry lips: Muted blurry lips are a trendy makeup look that gives a soft, duffed effect, often resembling a natural stain. This gives a perfect matte appearance with adding some gloss into it.

4. Statement eyes: Creating bold eyeliner designs, including geometric shapes, floating eyeliner and double wings are very trendy. Vibrant and pastel eyeshadows give a bold look to the eyes.

5. Creative accents: Adding small gems, pearls or stickers to the face for a new look is also very trendy. Creating faux freckles with bow highlighter for a youthful, sun-kissed look.

6. Matte smokey eyes: Matte smoky eyes give a sultry, sophisticated appearance without the shimmer or glitter typically associated with traditional smokey eyes is also very trending.

7. Feathered Eyebrows Natural Brows: Stressing the brows inherent shape while using less filler and putting more of an emphasis on styling and positioning.

These trends will really capture attention in the years to come, adding new and innovative techniques by making them more reliable for the make-up look.

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