Actor Swara Bhasker criticised food blogger Nalini Unagar over her “proud to be a vegetarian” tweet. Taking to X on Sunday, Nalini shared a picture of her meal. It consisted of fried rice and paneer dish. (Also Read | Swara Bhasker says she’s found common cultural practices between Hindus and Muslims after marrying Fahad Ahmed)

Swara Bhasker posted a tweet on X.

What did the food blogger say

Sharing the photo, Nalini wrote, “I’m proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty and guilt.”

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Here’s what Swara replied

Responding to it, Swara wrote, “Honestly… I don’t understand this smug self-righteousness of vegetarians. Your entire diet is made up of denying the calf its mother’s milk.. forcibly impregnating cows then separating them from their babies & stealing their milk.”

She also added, “You eat root vegetables? That kills the whole plant! Please relax with the virtue signalling just because it’s Bakr Eid! (Folded hands emojis).” Bakr Eid, also known as Eid al-Adha, is being celebrated on June 16-17.

Swara recently celebrated Eid

Swara’s tweet comes a few months after she celebrated Eid al-Fitr. She spent the festival with her husband, Fahad Ahmad, and daughter, Raabiyaa. Swara shared glimpses of her Eid celebrations on her Instagram Stories. In one of the stories, Swara was seen with Raabiyaa as she pointed the Eid ka Chaand. In another picture, Swara, her daughter and Fahad posed for a family picture together. While Swara is Hindu, Fahad is Muslim.

When Swara spoke about her and Fahad’s cultures

Last year, Swara held a chhathi puja for Raabiyaa. She shared glimpses from the celebrations and said she has been able to find cultural similarities between her and Fahad’s families. Swara had written, “The child is a mish mash of the mish mash we are.. So she’s 62.5% UP.. 12.5% Bihar.. 25% Andhra.. And I’m all for representation and I’m always here for celebration! Moreover, since our wedding, we’ve been discovering common cultural practices that both Hindus and Muslims in North India share which reinforces my belief that human beings can come from all manner of diversity but love and joy will find a common language!”

The caption also read, “Chhathhi or the 6th day of the child’s birth is celebrated across UP Bihar where the mom & child are dressed in the colour of Haldi / turmeric and the aunts /bua puts kaajal on the child and mom and dad to protect the child and family from ‘nazar’ or the evil eye! I’m singing a popular ‘sohar’ (songs of celebration for newborns). Traditionally sohars mostly celebrate male newborns, I’ve tailored it for a newborn girl.. oh! And mothers don’t sing the sohars, sisters & aunts do but I was like dholak aa gaya hai so why not! Thank you Bhanu ji @partapsinghb11 for the dholak that made my singing bearable and @manisha2967 for the tutorial on Chhathhi and the lovely singing that I couldn’t edit in.”

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