Despite leading Rajasthan Royals in the IPL 2024, the thought of getting selected in the T20 World Cup 2024 squad was always there at the back of his mind, said India`s wicketkeeper-batsman Sanju Samson.

In the IPL 2024, Sanju Samson accumulated 531 runs including five half-centuries. After having a stunning show with the willow, Samson finally secured his spot in India`s T20 World Cup 2024 squad. The marquee event is jointly hosted by the USA and the West Indies.

Team India will begin their T20 World Cup 2024 campaign against Ireland on June 5.

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“This is the most prepared or experienced Sanju Samson has come into this World Cup, actually,” said Samson in video posted by the BCCI on Monday.

“Ten years of lots and lots of failures, few successes here and there. Life in cricket has taught me everything I needed to know before we came to this crucial tournament.”

So far, Sanju Samson has played 16 ODIs and 25 T20Is for India. “The IPL covered all my mind space, I think. There was a lot to do, there was a lot to think about being the captain of the side. I think my mind was always occupied, but somewhere at the back of the mind it was there, the World Cup selections are also around.”

Getting selected for the World Cup is a dream come true for him, said Samson. “It was a huge thing, actually. It was like one of the best things which could have happened to my career and those thoughts keep on playing.”

The Kerala cricketer said that despite having a remarkable season, where his side led the IPL table for the most part, he knew securing a place in the India side was not a surety.

“I knew I`ve had a reasonable good season in the IPL where I do have my chances to get in. But, at the same time, I knew how tough it is. It can be either both sides because it depends on what the team wants, the exact combination our team management or the selectors are looking for,” said Samson.

“So the moment I got convinced that `Sanju you are ready`, I think the life and cricket gave it back to me. So, that`s how I like to look at it. So, it was a great moment.”

Samson said failures and successes in his career have taught him to always look at things in positive light. “I always look at things in a more positive manner, even if it`s a failure or a setback that`s when you actually learn about it. When you are young and you are having lots and lots of success, you actually skip a few lessons actually.

“I think I`ve been blessed to get some insane talent with my batting skills, that come very naturally to me, I don`t do anything specific but I don`t know how actually it comes. It just actually comes.”

The cricketer said the moment he landed in New York, the IPL was completely off his mind and he was living in the moment. “Right from the moment I landed here, IPL has been like completely off and it`s been a completely different stage and I`m telling myself `Sanju you are somewhere (else). I think lots and lots of people dream about and then its like `Ok boss, what else I need to do.

“I didn`t have to motivate myself, it was like automatically, things were supposed to happen and it was happening and when you get into that atmosphere when you meet Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, you look at them and then you get inspired. Then you get motivated and then there is no looking back. You are only looking in front. How can a Sanju Samson help the team win more games,” he added.

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