Renukaswamy brandished with hot iron, brutally tortured by Darshan's gang before murder

Jailed Kannada superstar Darshan’s prison number 6106 is trending on social media following the actor’s arrest a few days ago. The disturbing trend was started by the actor’s fans. While some of them have got his prison number tattooed on their bodies, new car owners are opting the number for their vehicles. One couple went to the extent of conducting their newborn son’s photoshoot in prison clothes bearing the number. The photo of the baby, with hand-written slip Jai D. Boss’ pasted next to it — an apparent reference to Darshan — was shared by an Instagram user, who said it is ‘trending’.
The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) has suo moto taken cognizance of the incident and has instructed the police department to trace the whereabouts of the parents who clearly seem to be fans of the actor. Commission members, as per reports, were concerned that the photoshoot involving handcuffs and prison numbers was a clear case of violation of the Juvenile Justice Act.
In a letter to the Cyber Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department, the KSCPCR Chairperson K Naganna Gowda also said action should be taken against those responsible for sharing the photographs. “We don’t even call children as accused or criminals even when they do something wrong unknowingly. We call them children involved in legal fight’. Such effects should not befall on children, Gowda said in his letter. Instead of providing a good atmosphere for children we should not thrust our love or blind love for someone on them, he said.

Darshan was arrested last month for his alleged involvement in the murder of a youth from Chitradurga in Karnataka. The victim Renuka Swamy worked with a pharmacy company and was murdered for opposing Darshan’s relationship with Pavithra Gowda.