`Tarla` marks a significant milestone in Huma Qureshi`s career as it serves as her first biopic, portraying the life of the remarkable culinary queen Tarla Dalal. Playing the titular role, Huma brings her own nuances to the character, immersing herself in the story of an ambitious woman and delivering a heartfelt performance that showcases her range as a performer to reckon with. In fact, Tarla’s story also focusses on how an ordinary homemaker didn’t let societal impediments deter her from wanting to dream big and achieve those dreams. Huma has also been a trailblazer in her own right and has created a niche for herself with every author-backed performance whether it’s films or web shows and hasn’t allowed her naysayers to have the last word. 

Talking about playing a real-life character for the first time, the actress says, “Embarking on my first biopic was a thrilling journey that holds a special place in my career. Just like the powerful performances in films like `The Dirty Picture` and `Mary Kom` left a lasting impact on me, I was invested in immersing myself in the life of this extraordinary individual, exploring her triumphs and tribulations, and bringing forth a portrayal that will resonate deeply with the audience. Tarla is feisty but in a restrained sort of way. Her arc is very different from the other female protagonists we have seen in biopics. She makes her way into people`s hearts. As an actor, I am driven by the desire to unravel the complexities of human experiences and breathe life into characters that inspire, challenge, and ignite conversations. How a regular homemaker became an extraordinary entrepreneur is what Tarla is about.”

Ranbir Kapoor encapsulated the essence and complexity of the controversial Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt with authenticity in ‘Sanju’ and Alia Bhatt flawlessly embodied the spirit of the Mumbai mafia queen Gangubai in ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi.’ Now, Huma Qureshi who has constantly played varied characters effortlessly is all set to take cinephiles on a journey down the life and times of Tarla Dalal – a simple woman who ended up becoming a household name and also was awarded the Padma Shri.