This AI video platform will assemble a short for you from start to finish


To create a high-quality video, having the skill necessary to edit clips is only one part of the task. Writing and sourcing content is another time-consuming endeavor. This artificial intelligence (AI) startup poses itself as the solution to simplifying video editing. 

On Tuesday, the startup Augie, formerly Aug X Labs, commercially launched Augie Studio. This all-encompassing studio is designed to assist users in creating videos intuitively. It addresses the complexity of video-editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro by incorporating AI models, commercially licensed content, predictive algorithms, and more.

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Augie Studio can help automate nearly every task in the video-editing process, including generating the script, generating a realistic-sounding voiceover, sourcing commercially safe content from Getty Images, assembling the B-roll clips to match the script, generating automatic captions, and more. 

It uses large language models from major companies, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, ElevenLabs, Stable Diffusion, Augie Tech, and AWS. It packages these models neatly into the Augie interface so that users don’t have to worry about selecting different AI tools themselves and can get started on one platform.

In a product demo, Augie’s CEO, Jeremy Toeman, compared learning complicated tools like Premiere to edit a quick video to using a helicopter to go to the grocery store — completely unnecessary. And after seeing the product demo of Augie Studio in action, I see the promise he is talking about.

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One of the biggest standouts as someone who edits video for work and recreation is a feature in which Augie Studio assembles your video timeline to match your script, using relevant B-roll from Getty Images. 

Finding a B-roll, and downloading, importing, and cutting it can be time-consuming. Although working to that level of detail might be useful when creating an award-winning film, it may not be necessary for a 60-second video. 

Users can swap out videos that don’t match the story using simple keyword searches without having to do any trimming or cutting. Users can also upload their content and use Magic Search to find the specific clip or action they want from their content. 

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ZDNET will test Augie Studio in the future. Until then, if you want to try the tool for yourself, you can do so for free with the Lite plan. This plan includes limitations, such as 60-second videos, two minutes per month, and no access to premium content. 

The Premium plan costs $34 per month. The plan includes the ability to create two-minute videos, 10 total minutes of video per month, access to premium content (Getty Images), AI Scriptwriting, Voice Library Magic Search, and more. The Enterprise plan has additional perks; contact the sales team if interested. 

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