Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a sharp jibe at Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, saying he can understand the pain of some people “who suffered a huge defeat despite spreading lies continuously”. 

“Baalak buddhi ko kaun samjhaye ki tumne fail hone ka recoerd bana diya hai. 10 elections have happened since 1984, Congress has not been able to cross 250. They are stuck at 99 this time,” he said. 

Modi noted that this was the ‘third biggest defeat’ suffered till date by the Opposition party. 

“It would have been better if Congress had accepted its defeat and respected the mandate of the people but they are busy doing some ‘Sirsasana’ and Congress and its ecosystem are trying to establish in the minds of the citizens of India that they have defeated us…Bachhe ka mann behlane ka kaam chal raha hai,” he added.