Kangana Ranaut has turned producer with Nawazuddin Siddiqui`s upcoming movie `Tiku Weds Sheru`. At the trailer launch of the film in Mumbai on Wednesday, the actress revealed that the film was supposed to be made with Irrfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut in the lead, and it was initially named `Divine Lovers`. The plan could not be executed due to the demise of the beloved actor, Irrfan Khan.

`Tiku Weds Sheru` stars Avneet Kaur as Tiku and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Sheru in the lead. It marks the Bollywood debut of the female lead, Avneet Kaur. The film is directed by Sai Kabir.

Kangana said, “It started with Kabir Sir, Irrfan Sahab and me. We`ve all gone through that grind of struggling days. Today, we have everything – maybe stardom, fans and the world is very kind to us – but we have seen that side of Mumbai or Bollywood, that underbelly of Bollywood, as we call it. Shady audition offices, or those offers, things that you come to do and you end up doing. You just kind of drift into different things. But still, that Bollywood dream continues, and yet it manages to be nurtured. It`s a heartfelt ode, a kind of love letter to those who come to the city but somewhere they lose their dreams, yet they end up finding something much more meaningful. It`s just that thought.” 

Kangana continued, “Me as a producer – I am anyway a very busy actor – but whatever I do is not just to occupy myself. It has a larger meaning to it. The most important thing for me in this project was to delve into the people whom we see behind the actors, behind the stars and in our own journeys. A piece of art, a creative interpretation of that struggle I think will strike a chord with the audience.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui clarified that he had no choice but to say yes to the movie given the Queen actress, Kangana, flew to Bengaluru to meet him to pitch the movie to him. His leading lady, Avneet, was in tears while talking about her debut film with Nawaz and Kangana. “This was a big deal for me. We have discussed each and every scene with each other.”

“Tiku Weds Sheru is a comedy-drama that weaves elements of real-life struggles that people go through with a unique love story. Tiku and Sheru, are very different personalities who have a common dream. What excited me about Sheru is that while personifying challenges faced by individuals aspiring to achieve success in the entertainment industry, he is relatable, brings his own set of quirks, and stands out as an endearing character,” said Nawazuddin Siddiqiui.