Times elder daughter Janhvi Kapoor fondly remembered late actress Sridevi

Sridevi remains one of Bollywood`s most beloved actresses, forever etched in everyone`s hearts. Her elder daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, frequently reminisces about her and speaks fondly of her. As we honour her memory, let`s take a look back at the moments when Janhvi shared her thoughts about her mother.

In an emotional instance during the second episode of `Koffee with Karan 7`, Janhvi Kapoor, who tragically lost her mother Sridevi just prior to her debut film `Dhadak` released in 2018, warmly recounted memories of her mother. She went on to reveal, “I`d like to think that I have retained and preserved whatever she has instilled in me, but it almost hurts to remember the person that I was because it was different.”

During another conversation with Barkha Dutt, she recalled Sridevi affectionately calling her `Laddoo` and discussed the profound emptiness she felt in her heart after Sridevi`s passing. “When I lost Mom, of course, there was this huge tragedy; there was a hole in my heart. But there was this horrible feeling of ‘something bad has happened’ to justify all the great things in my life and all the privileges and things that I got easily, which I heard my entire life. I thought, ‘Ok, now something bad has happened. I deserve this. I deserve this horrible thing that has happened to me. It was a weird sense of relief,” expressed the actress.

In another interaction, while speaking to Elle India, Janhvi Kapoor shared that she draws inspiration from resilient women and cherishes the guidance imparted by her late mother, Sridevi. Janhvi stated, “Just powerful women around me. From my peers, Alia (Bhatt), Sara (Ali Khan), Beyoncé, to even my sister, it is inspiring to see women who embrace themselves and don`t depend on anyone for anything.” She added, “It’s exactly what my mother also told me. ‘Never depend on anyone, and make your own identity.”

In recent interviews following the release of `Bawaal,` Janhvi Kapoor once again spoke about her mother and shared about challenging times and the internal battles she faced. Janhvi expressed, “I think definitely when I lost mom. I was shooting for Dhadak, and dealing with her loss was quite tough.” Continuing, she added, “Somehow finding the will to keep working and a way to deal with all of these things happening in our lives was tough. Figuring that out was definitely the biggest war in my life.”

Through her memories, Janhvi Kapoor continues to honour Sridevi`s legacy.