Just ahead of pride month, Tinder has released its first queer dating starter pack in India. Developed with Gaysi Family, a queer-owned, queer-run media platform, this visual checklist is aimed at assisting young first-time queer daters on Tinder, offering essential guidance on self-discovery, dating etiquette, consent, safety and self-care.

Building on the LetsTalkGender.in guide and glossary launched by Tinder in 2022, the new checklist is integrated into this resource to be a trusted companion, providing quick check-ins as they navigate their dating firsts. 

Tinder has also announced the return of Queer Made Weekend, one of India’s most popular pride festivals, dedicated to celebrating, supporting, and amplifying businesses and products made, owned, and run by India’s LGBTQIA+ community. Tinder Queer Made Weekend will be held on June 8, 2024 at Jio World Drive in Mumbai and DLF Promenade in Delhi on June 15 and 16, 2024.

Dating apps are becoming a space where young adults comfortably explore and express their gender and sexuality, with 7 out of 10 young daters in India agreeing that dating apps offer more freedom for self-exploration and have helped dismantle stereotypes and expectations surrounding gender, sex and relationships. Given the growing comfort in using dating apps for self-discovery, this checklist gives first-time queer daters a crucial edge in navigating various dating scenarios with confidence and clarity.

To support queer newbies to be the most authentic selves on their dating journeys, the dating starter pack, curated with insights from The QKnit, offers practical advice based on real-life experiences of the queer community. The FAQ section addresses common concerns and uncertainties that may arise during the dating process, such as readiness to date, exploring one’s identity, and understanding boundaries.  In June 2024, Tinder users in India will see the Swipe Cards directing them to detailed checklists on LetsTalkGender.in.

Tejaswi Subramanian, digital content editor, Gaysi Family shared, “We are now addressing a significant need for young queer daters who are navigating their dating lives for the first time. Many existing resources offering dating advice are often neither thoughtful nor inclusive. Our checklists fill that gap by encouraging young queer daters in India to engage thoughtfully with their connections while staying true to themselves. This effort complements the resources that we have co-created over the years. Here`s to creating a safe and enjoyable dating culture for young queer individuals! ”

“Tinder has always supported the freedom of its users to explore their individuality both on the app and in real life with features like More Genders, Sexual Orientation, Traveler Alert, among others. We’re so honored to play a role in the dating journey of Tinder’s queer users, from coming out to finding a community, and are committed to creating more inclusive ways to help them make authentic connections we know today’s daters value the most. The Queer Dating Starter Pack underscores this commitment by providing essential support to our users, especially first-time queer daters navigating their dating firsts on Tinder,” shared Aahana Dhar, Communications Director for Tinder in India.

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