Sometimes in a relationship, we tend to grow distance from the partner. It can happen due to a variety of reasons – from not finding time for each other to not emotionally connecting with each other. But no matter what reason made us grow distance, we should try and make conscious efforts to set things straight and try to reconnect with them. “Want to reconnect with your partner? Are you feeling a bit distant or like life’s got in the way recently? Here are some things you can try,” wrote Therapist Lucille Shackleton as she explained a few ways by which we can reconnect with our partner in the relationship.

Tips to reconnect with your partner(Unsplash)

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Ask questions: being curious about each other and asking questions about their internal world and showing genuine interest can make them feel that we are trying to connect with them.

Improve communication: Communication is one of the foundation blocks of a healthy and happy relationship. In case communication has been strained for some time, we should work on improving it and try to resolve conflicts in a healthy way.

Make the partner feel seen and heard: As much as we should prioritise our own needs, a healthy relationship works when we are aware of the partner’s needs as well. We should ask them what we need to do to make them feel seen and heard and should express our needs to them as well.

Appreciate them: We should keep reminding us of the things that we appreciate about them and should make efforts in telling them how much we like their certain traits.

Positive interactions: Sometimes relationships get strained because of the higher frequency of conflicts and negative conversations. In order to reconnect with the partner, we should increase positive interactions with them and find common grounds, where we both can have fun.

Make time: We should consciously make efforts to take out time from our daily schedule which should be dedicated only to spending time with our partner.