Toast & Tonic: East Village Style, the international restaurant and gin bar, part of the Olive Group of restaurants, has unveiled its latest cocktail menu. This new line-up of bubbly tipples underscores its strength in crafting the most refreshing and imaginative cocktails.  

This menu is bound to have you going ‘Ga Ga’ over its creations and each sip is a ‘Va Va Voom’ experience.

The latest edition of T&T’s barcraft, curated by Nitin Tewari, beverage consultant, founder – BarTrender, features eight standout cocktails, each with its unique blend of flavours and fizz. 

‘Beauty & The Brew` is a blend of vodka, cold brew, coke, and salted caramel ice cream; a rich and creamy concoction with a caffeine kick. `Jasper & Juju` offers a sophisticated mix of dark rum, brandy, bitters, prosecco, orange, black tea, clarified milk, and nutmeg, providing a complex and layered experience. 

For those who enjoy a spicy twist, the `Gaga Goblet` combines blended whisky, triple sec, orgeat, lime, jalapeño, and cucumber soda for a refreshing option.

`The Last Sipper` features gin, house-made kokum cordial, lime, and ginger ale, delivering a crisp cocktail perfect for a cool afternoon sip. The vibrant and creamy `Coco Mojo` allows guests to choose between gin or vodka, paired with mint, white chocolate, cream, egg white, lime, jalapeño, and electric blue soda. The exotic `Miss Curry-Tini` blends tequila, grapefruit, and toasted curry leaves with a chaat masala rim, an aromatic twist you will love. `Va Va Valley` combines turmeric-infused tequila, lime, mint, cumin, ginger ale, and soda for an earthy and refreshing drink. 

Finally, `Birdy in Wonderland` features white rum, pandan campari, hazelnut, hibiscus, pineapple, and lime soda, taking guests on a whimsical journey through floral flavours.

“At Toast & Tonic, our legacy has always been about crafting unique cocktails and pioneering the culture of gin in a creative and elevated format. Continuing with this tradition we have introduced a new menu that features fun ingredients in surprising combinations, ensuring each drink is one you’ll remember and come back for”, says AD Singh, founder and managing director of the Olive Group of restaurants.

Toast & Tonic prides itself on a bar menu that mirrors the kitchen’s dedication to organic and fresh ingredients, avoiding artificial syrups and additives. The all-new cocktail menu continues this tradition, bringing innovative drinks that are as delightful as they are refreshing. 

When: June 8 onwards
Where: Toast & Tonic, BKC
For reservations, call: ‪+91 72088 71559

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