As everything is getting colder, searches for efficient heaters continue to rise. Luckily, there are many brands that are capable of keeping you warm all through this winter without running the Central Space Heater. Before now we have seen the Life Heater with great features, good customer reviews and Once the best sellers In the United States but there`s a new invention that is blowing everything away. This heater is called a Toasty Heater and it is available online like most brands you might have come across.

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Winter is fast approaching, the chilly breeze, cold atmosphere and all which atimes comes with some health related issues like flu especially for those with very sensitive body systems. Keeping your environment warm during winter is the best way to stay safe from health issues associated with the chilly, cold atmosphere. Several heating systems have been engineered by different engineers and different brands with the aim of tackling the issue of cold and chilly weather and give individuals a cozy and comfortable atmosphere or weather.

Among these various heaters, it`s been discovered that the majority are of inferior quality with low performance. If you`re contemplating on the best heating facility to get for your home, then you are in the right place because this article is targeted at exposing the features of the best selling heating system with over 4.5 stars on customer reviews. This is none other than “toasty heater”.  Toasty heater is an advanced heating system with rapid heating effect and 30&#37 energy saving capacity. It also has safety features embedded in it to ensure users safety and device safety as well.

Toasty Heater is a personal wall outlet space heater for indoor use and it costs around $49 on the official website.

According to Toasty Heater Reviews in the United States, Toasty Heater is an efficient heating device sold at an affordable price. It consumes very little energy, saves space, is lightweight and is extremely portable.

While it is believed to be a good heating solution, there are some false claims about it that are spreading over the internet which might be influencing many people to buy it without giving it a second thought so keep reading and see everything worth knowing about it to enable you make the right decision most especially if you are thinking of investing in it this winter.

What Is Toasty Heater?

Toasty Heater is a cordless wall outlet space heater for indoor use. It is a portable and perfect heater for use in rooms, offices and other similar spaces. It has an extended air distribution system, it is lightweight, it is compact, portable, and comes with an easy to use interface. It has the ability to heat up or warm up your space within minutes to give you a cozy and comfortable atmosphere while also ensuring that you do not waste money.

With its powerful and efficient convection heater it rapidly and quickly heats up your space within minutes of operation. With its built-in overheat protection, the safety of its users are guaranteed and its internal sensors help prevent overheating and damage to the device by automatically turning off the device when it gets too hot. Toasty heater is powerful, versatile and offers the best portable heating experience.

Toasty heater Comes with unique features like remote control, LED Display Screen, safety switches, efficient ceramic heating element though there are elements of hype we observed why researching it. Its heating temperature can be adjusted up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There`s also a time selector button in front of it.

In doubt do your personal research, other heaters are still selling with good customer ratings.

In contrast to the central heating system and some custom portable space heater, Toasty heater is for medium sized rooms and for indoor use only. It has limited heating power so it doesn`t cover much space like most people think. It is advertised as a personal space heater only.

Considering related products, it seems more efficient, more durable and it is fairly priced. It comes with features seen in high end space heaters though it might not compete favorably with most of them.

Currently, the company is selling only in the United States on their Official Website only at Discounted Prices and possible free shipping, good return policy and extended warranty.

Toasty Heater is designed and implemented by a US based company with a good reputation. Truly, it is not the first of its kind as it mimics most of the heaters we`ve reviewed in the past. The idea is great but is okay if you doubt it.

Visit the official product sales page if your are interested in buying one!

Details Specifications (Toasty Heater Reviews)

Product name: Toasty Heater

Weight: Around 1.25 pounds

Temperature Range: 60 to 90 degree Fahrenheit

Starting price: $49

Time setting: from 1 to 12 hours

Power Rating: 500W

Available on the official website only

Related Product: Life Heater

Area Coverage: Up to 400 Square feet.

Heating method: Ceramic heating Technology

Heat-up time: depends on the ambient temperature, normally it takes a few minutes.

Rated voltage: 110-120V, 60Hz

Switch type: Single throw

Features – Toasty Heater

Toasty heater has several amazing features which makes it unique and distinguishes it from other heaters available in the market. The features include:

Full orbital heat oscillating system:  this feature enables the device to thoroughly heat up a space, heating up every nook and cranny of your room and space.This ensures complete and total heating effect in the supposed area.

 Enhanced lightweight: the device is very lightweight which makes it a to go device, in the sense that one can easily take it around without stress or strain. You can take it camping, on vacations, picnics and all sorts of travel without worrying about having to deal with extra luggage as it fits in properly into bags.

Great coverage: it has a robust internal fan for propelling heat outward in a continuous expanding air flow which instigates rapid heating effect in the room. This enables effective heating within a few seconds of operation.

 Enhanced safety features: toasty heater has built-in overheat protection for ensuring the safety of the user and internal sensors for sensing excess heating and automatically turning off the device when it gets too hot.

Durability: Toasty heater is made from strong, durable and long lasting materials and well engineered by professionals Based on US standard.

 User friendly: It is very user friendly, built in such a way that the safety of the users are guaranteed.

Quiet operation: it operates noiselessly causing no environmental disturbance.

Cordless: it has a wireless design. It requires no cords to worry about during transit, and has an aesthetically pleasing design.

Thermostat, Timer, and Remote Control are among its unique features.

Working Principle (Toasty Heater Reviews)

Just like ceramic heaters, Toasty heater has a ceramic heating element that heats up when electric current passes through it. Due to the high electrical resistance of the ceramic plate, it heats up as current is passing through it. As a result, the air around the plate becomes warmer. cold air from the room passes over the hot ceramic plates and this air becomes hot. The cycle continues until the entire room becomes hot or the set temperature is reached.

 How To Use Toasty Heater

Like other heaters you have used before, Toasty Heater is extremely easy to use. Anyone who has not Used it before should have no issues in using it the very first day.

To use it, Plug it in the wall socket outlet, Turn it on via the power button or remote control,

Select the desired heating temperature, timer, and heating speed.

 Why Is It Recommended

 Toasty heater is highly recommended due to its amazing unique features, high performance and efficiency and its 30 days money-back guarantee which protects customers interest, giving customers the liberty of returning tampered products, faulty products or malfunctioning products within 30 days of purchase. Also embedded in it are the safety devices which ensures its safety and safety of the user as well. The built in overheat protection prevents overheating of the device and the built-in sensors ensure the safety of the device by automatically turning it off when it`s becoming too hot.

It is energy efficient and saves up to 50&#37, therefore while using a toasty heater you should be rest assured that your pocket and wallet doesn`t run dry.

Toasty Heater is also recommended due to its sleek design, compact size, and its performance. Also it is affordable and the company offers more discounts when buying more than one unit.

Advantages Of Toasty Heater Over others

  • Toasty Heater offers rapid heating though not as fast as most people claimed.
  • Toasty Heater is among the cheapest heaters in the United States.
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • It covers a larger space.
  • It is more compact, lightweight, and highly efficient.
  • It Comes with a warranty and good return policy.

Who Needs Toasty Heater

 Toasty heater is designed and engineered for those who seek warmth especially during winter. Be it for office use, household use or any room or space at all. Do you avoid going camping because of the chilly atmosphere?,then a toasty heater is for you. It is for one and for a usage.

In summary, Toasty Heater is designed for everyone unless you aren`t in the United States. The company is also selling it at the cheapest price ever which makes it possible for low income earners to purchase it.

Pros (Toasty Heater Reviews)

  • It has a fast and even heating effect.
  • It is energy efficient and saves up to 50&#37 energy.
  • It is safe and reliable.
  • It has a silent and discreet mode of operation.
  • It requires a small space.

Guaranteed safety: with the aid of its built-in overheat protection and built-in sensors, the safety of the device and its user are guaranteed.

30 day money back guarantee: this ensures that customers satisfaction is met by giving customers the opportunity to send back tampered or malfunctioning products.

Guaranteed long term use dye to its durable engineering.

It is packaged in a flame retardant case.


  • It`s only available online on the product`s manufacturers website.
  • Limitations in stock.
  • Sell only in the United States.
  • Cover limited space.
  • The performance might drop over time.
  • More units are needed to warm larger space.

Toasty Heater False Claims

Toasty Heater heats in seconds: No doubt, it looks like the fastest heater available this winter but practically it doesn`t have the power to warm your entire space within seconds like most reviews sites claim. It Works fast but don`t expect it to warm your space in winter for a few seconds.

Toasty Heater Covers Larger Space: According to the manufacturer and most reviews, it can cover up to 400 square feet but most times it doesn`t. We advertised it to be used in smaller spaces like 250 to 300 square feet. Don`t be fooled by online reviewers, Toasty Heater is for your personal space only.

Toasty Heater is the cheapest: while it is selling under $100, most heaters like we have reviewed cost less.

Toasty Heater can be used in bathrooms and cars:  Not really, just like other heaters, exposure to moisture will affect it negatively so it is not used in the bathroom. There is also no evidence that it can be used inside cars.


  • Don`t plug in extension sockets.
  • Don`t use it when not around or around flammable materials.
  • Before cleaning, unplug it from the wall socket and only clean with a soft towel. don`t submerged it in water.
  • Do not repair or try to open the casing.
  • Don`t replace any part without manufacturer approval.

Is Toasty Heater Worth The Price?

 Based on verified reviews, it is the number one consumer choice is Almost 40 states in America. It works perfectly well, just like advertised by the manufacturer.

Return Policy

Toasty heater offers a 30-day return policy on all orders placed on their official website. If 30 days have passed your refund might not be processed.

 Where To Buy Toasty Heater

For the time being, Toasty Heater is available only on the official website. Beware of wrong people trying to see inferior products in the name of Toasty Heater.

Toasty Heater Prices

Single Pack: 1 x Toasty heater for $49.99

Studio Pack: 2 x Toasty heaters – $89.98

Expansive Pack: 3 units for $119.97

Go Big Pack: 4 units go for $139.96

Deluxe Pack: 5 x Toasty heaters for $149.95 + Free Shipping

These are discounted prices at the moment, always check the official sales page for the updated prices.

Toasty Heater warranty Coverage

With $9.99 each unit is Accidental damage protection for 2 years, Free parts replacement, guarantee Express replacement service – we`ll ship you a replacement, so you don`t have to wait for a repair , 24/7 priority access to Toasty Heaters experts.

Shipping and Delivery

 At Toasty Heather all orders are shipped within a few days and will arrive as seen on the website.  There is no sloppy Thing in their shipping like other products you have shopped before.

 Toasty Heater Consumer Reports

Toasty heater has made its way into the market and it is selling fast and lots of customers have been giving good testimonies about its efficacy and effectiveness.

See what people are saying about it:

“I was skeptical at first about getting a toasty heater, but since I started using it, it`s been a game changer for me, its fast heating effect and safety features are the most adorable features it possesses and its convenience is topnotch”….. Kathy. O

“Considering the size of the toasty heater, one will think that it`s one of these inferior products in the market, but I tell you that only a trial will convince you… Toasty heater is tested and trusted”…Peterson. A

“Its heating capacity is next to none coupled with the fact that it goes off automatically when the device gets too hot, so there`s practically no need to worry about the device getting damaged, it`s portability and lightweight also makes it a go-to device for quick travels, camping, picnics and so on”…..Maria Goretti.

Final Thought On Toasty Heater Reviews

In Conclusion, Toasty heater has proven by all means and in all areas to be the best selling and most effective portable space heater for all individuals. It is a product of high quality materials engineered by certified US based professionals. It is Quick, cost effective and comfortable way to warm up your house. With the help of this portable gadget, you can furnish your home comfortably without spending so much. It distributes heat  by convection using infrared technology. Based on verified consumer reports, it is one of the best brands in the market.

As regards purchase, we recommend buying from the official website. Place your order if you are completely thrilled, otherwise try getting another heater.

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