The first company that comes to mind when discussing website monetization is Google AdSense. AdSense is the greatest ad network in the world, so there’s nothing wrong with it, but it would be foolish to think that it can’t be topped by any other network.

The ad tech sector is always changing. It would thus not be a leap to suggest that Google has rivals that are capable of challenging them for market share.

Determining which ad network—or which mix of ad networks—produces the most money may require some trial and error. Nevertheless, publishers can effectively concentrate on monetizing their websites after they’ve figured it out. 

What is an Ad Network?

Advertisers purchase bundled impressions from ad networks after they purchase publisher inventories.

Consider an advertising network as a middleman in a straightforward inventory selling process, bringing the correct buyer into the picture. It collaborates with marketers (demand-side) and publications (supply-side) to assist them in achieving their advertising campaign objectives.

Currently, as the inventory exchange cycle becomes more intricate, ad networks play a more varied function. Ad networks purchase inventory from SSPs or ad exchanges and resell it to publishers at a higher profit margin. They may occasionally sell inventory directly to publishers.

It’s well known that most publishers focus on one certain kind of ad format. As a result, publishers that want to make money with a certain format ought to think about ad networks. 

For example, there are video ad networks like Unruly that provide publishers with the greatest video content, and there are CPM ad networks like Criteo that are renowned for offering the highest CPM rate.

Why are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks serve as a profit-sharing middleman between advertisers and publications. They serve as crucial components of monetisation inside the advertising ecosystem. Publishers would have to bargain with each individual advertiser if there were no ad networks.

Ad networks are also renowned for their effective efforts in selling leftover ad inventory. PPC Ad networks essentially purchase leftover inventory from various publishers, divide it into segments based on demographics, and then sell the impressions to advertisers who are especially searching for impressions that match.

By doing this, the publishers’ inventory is guaranteed to reach the appropriate advertiser on time. By now, it should be obvious that ad networks are crucial for publishers.

Which are the Best Ad networks?

7Search PPC

Whether you are a mid-sized publisher, small publisher, or a large publisher, 7Search PPC offers versatile solutions to meet your advertising needs. As one of the best pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks, 7Search PPC provides publishers online ads with robust tools for optimizing their ad revenue.

Publishers can leverage 7Search PPC’s platform to access high-quality traffic and connect with a diverse range of advertisers. The platform’s advanced targeting options and real-time bidding features ensure that publishers can maximize their earnings through relevant and engaging ads.

Model: CPC, CPM, CPA Coming Soon

Minimum Deposit: $100 


Compared to other pop-under ad networks, PopAds is reputed to be comparatively speedier and more secure. With the use of premium pop-under ads, it provides publishers with a way to monetise the visitors to their websites.

The fact that it permits on-request payments and gives publishers access to advertisers in over 40 countries is advantageous. Consequently, this gives publishers a great deal of flexibility in terms of selecting keywords and targeting to efficiently monetise visitors inside their specialty. It is regarded as one of the greatest ad networks as a result.

Model: CPV, CPM

Minimum traffic: None


Adcash DSP+ is a global online advertising network that serves publishers and advertisers, offering over 10,000 active campaigns worldwide.

For online and mobile monetization, it provides web traffic all of the top-performing ad types, such as pop-under, native advertisements, push notifications, banners, and interstitials. They provide several features and technologies that make it easier for publishers to monetise their visitors. Its technology also gets beyond adblockers, which makes it one of the top ad networks.

They provide high CPM ads , flexible periods of payment, real-time statistics, and assistance to publishers. Their bilingual and seasoned account managers assist publishers in advancing their monetization plan.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA Target

Minimum traffic: N/A


With Partner Care, Adsterra is a PPC agency dependable ad network that serves more than 30 billion ad impressions globally each month. It is well-known for its skilled and knowledgeable staff, distinct global direct traffic, three tiers of anti-fraud security, and an extensive selection of payment options and advertising layouts. 

More than 100,000 campaigns providing more than 30 billion impressions monthly were recently registered by Adsterra across 248 regions.

Publishers may use Adsterra to monetize buy traffic, including traffic from social media and mobile apps as well as traffic from desktop and mobile websites. The fact that publishers may select from a variety of ad types on this network, including Popunder, Social Bar (awesome!), In-Page Push, Native, Banners, and VAST (Pre-Roll Video), is a major plus.


Minimum traffic: None


A media-selling network called SmartyAds SSP was developed for publishers looking for intelligent revenue optimization.

Their high-volume private marketplace Affiliate Traffic agreements and cross-environment header-bidding wrappers (desktop, mobile, or in-app) increase the competitiveness for inventory and aid in increasing publishers’ yield.

Serving more than 2 billion impressions per day, they achieve the top CPC Traffic, CTRs, and fill rates—which may reach 100%—across all geographical areas.

In addition, SmartyAds provides a variety of desktop and mobile ad types, including banners, interstitials, native advertisements, and rewarded videos.

Their IOS and Android SDKs are lightweight and latency-free, allowing mediation to submit requests to several DSPs and ad networks.

They are the greatest digital advertising platform because of their alliances with top-demand partners in worldwide monetization areas, which provide publishers with easy access to highly-targeted tailored advertising.

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: None


By providing a range of online advertising options, TrafficForce assists publishers and advertisers in optimizing their advertising income. On an impression basis, the ad network sells tailored online and mobile traffic.

The network gives publishers access to more than 100 demand-side partners because it is a supply-side platform. To handle traffic, they use either open RTB technology or header bidding.

Reputed as one of the top ad networks, CPM Traffic Forces provides publishers with a variety of ad types to choose from, including display banners, pop-unders, instant messaging floaters, and in-stream video advertisements. 

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: None

In Closing

When it comes to ad networks, there are several options available, so each publisher may find the perfect fit. Ad networks, or a combination of ad networks, should be selected after publishers have considered their needs. 

Whether you are a small or large publisher in need of basic services, this list has options for all types of publishers. Publishers may effectively monetise their websites with the aid of the suitable advertising network. We recommend that they try out a few different possibilities before deciding on the ideal ad network. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an Ad Network?

Ans: Ad networks are known to efficiently work to sell remnant ad inventory. Basically, ad networks take remnant inventory from multiple publishers, segregate them on the basis of demographics, and sell the segmented impressions to advertisers specifically looking for similar impressions.

Which ad network pays the most?

Ans: Some of the best paying ad networks include:

7Search PPC




Propeller Ads