Trailers of non-Indian languages movies 2024

“I think it’s really a mistake to judge other people how they had to perform or act in another century. We kind of apply our own sensibilities where we live a life today where, when we’re offended, we have to get a lawyer or agent or publicity person — somebody to arbitrate our problems. Back then, you had to arbitrate your problems by yourself — which was terribly dramatic, especially if you’re dealing with a sociopath. You have to understand we were coming out of that terrible Civil War. And if anyone believes in post-traumatic stress, there was only about 30 million people in America at the time and that war went on for four years. We lost 56,000 men in Vietnam. We lost 600,000 in the Civil War. People came West, sometimes with a lot of hope, bringing their family, and others came West because they were damaged and were running away from something.”


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