With Maharashtra boasting of some of the most breathtaking treks and trails, the monsoon season brings with a lot of hope as Mumbai and Pune locals head out to explore their surroundings like never before. As the monsoon showers roll in, it’s time to swap out the summer blues for some rainy-day fun and adventure. 

BookMyShow has rounded up the ultimate list of monsoon adventures from June to September, embracing the season as a time for rediscovery and joy. From chasing waterfalls to being cosy up by a campfire under a canopy of fireflies, the rainy season offers a perfect excuse to get outside and make the most of the weather.

Explore these 8 experiences in Maharashtra this monsoon season:

1. Aadrai Jungle Trek – Treks and Trails
Step into the heart of the pristine Aadrai Jungle, a hidden gem in the Sahyadris. This trek takes you through lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, mysterious caves and serene valleys. As you journey along ancient shepherd trails, you’ll encounter the untouched beauty of one of Maharashtra`s most scenic regions. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the Aadrai Jungle Trek promises a day of breathtaking landscapes and pure serenity.

Where: Aadrai Jungle, Maharashtra
When: Friday, June 21 – Saturday, August 31
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2. Pawanai Camping – Pawna Lake
Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a relaxing camping experience by the serene Pawna Lake. Conveniently accessible from both Mumbai and Pune, this campsite offers a peaceful retreat where you can relax in cosy tents, enjoy a delightful BBQ and marvel at the starry sky reflected in the calm waters. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds and the gentle lapping of the lake as you indulge in a hearty breakfast. Pawanai Camping brings to you a perfect weekend getaway for a refreshing escape in nature.

Where: Pawna Lake, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, June 30

3. Bhandardara Fireflies Camping – Trek India
Experience the magic of nature’s light show at Bhandardara, where thousands of fireflies create a mesmerizing display under the night sky. Set up camp amidst the majestic Sahyadris, enjoy a snug bonfire and let the twinkling lights of the fireflies enchant you all night long. Stay perched with the view of Alang, Madan, Kulang, Kalsubai, Ratangad and Ajoba forts, making for a magnificent backdrop that enhances the serenity of this picturesque setting. 

Where: Bhandardara, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 15 – Saturday, June 22

4. Visapur Monsoon Trek – LiveB4YouDie
Embark on a trek to the historic Visapur Fort and immerse yourself in monsoon magic. Traverse mist-covered trails and verdant forests, discovering ancient ruins that whisper tales of the past. As you ascend, the breathtaking views from the top will reward your adventurous spirit. Ideal for thrill-seekers and history buffs alike, the Visapur Monsoon Trek promises an unforgettable experience of raw beauty and adventure.

Where: Visapur Fort, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 15 – Sunday, September 29

5. Devkund Waterfall Trek 
Journey to the tranquil Devkund Waterfall, nestled near Bhira Village, renowned as the ‘Bathing Pond of Gods’. This hidden gem is a sanctuary of serenity amidst dense forests and picturesque landscapes. Wander through lush trails and peaceful paths to discover the pristine waterfall, inviting you to immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters for a refreshing dip. With its perfect blend of adventure and natural allure, the Devkund Waterfall Trek is an essential destination for nature enthusiasts seeking solace and scenic beauty.

Where: Devkund Waterfall, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 22 – Saturday, September 28
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6. Harishchandragad Trek – Trek and Trails
Explore the ancient and majestic Harishchandragad Fort, a treasure trove of history and nature. Trek through various routes like Junnar, Sadhale Ghat and Nalichi Vaat, each offering a unique and challenging experience. Discover the medieval carvings at Nageshwar Temple and the enigmatic Kedareshwar Cave. The dramatic views from Konkan Kada and the serene Taramati peak will leave you spellbound.

Where: Harishchandragad, Nashik
When: Saturday, June 15th, 2024 – Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

7. Kalsubai Monsoon Trek 
Ascend to the summit of Maharashtra`s highest peak with the exhilarating trek to Kalsubai. This trail promises stunning vistas of lush green valleys, mist-covered mountains and vibrant flora and fauna along the way. At the peak, the soothing ambiance and stunning scenery surrounding the Kalsubai Temple, especially during sunrise, offer a moment of awe-inspiring beauty. The Kalsubai Monsoon Trek is a must-do adventure this monsoon season!

Where: Kalsubai Peak, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 – Saturday, September 28th, 2024
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8. Karnala Jungle Trail – Monsoon Special
Discover a haven for bird enthusiasts at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, just a short drive from Mumbai. This sanctuary, home to over 150 resident and 37 migratory bird species, offers a unique opportunity to spot rare birds like the Ashy Minivet and Malabar Trogon. Wander through the lush, deciduous forests and enjoy the tranquillity and natural beauty of this small but vibrant sanctuary. The Karnala Bird Walk is a perfect escape for nature lovers and a delightful day trip for families and bird watchers alike.

Where: Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Maharashtra
When: Saturday, June 22 – Saturday, July 20