BTS`s rapper Min Yoongi aka Suga`s Seoul concert-Day 1 took place on Saturday and the K-pop group`s fans aka BTS Army ensured all 7 members of group trended over Twitter. Fans hoped for a surprise that the other members of the group would attend the concert, including Seokjin aka Jin and J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok who are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service. 

Clips and photos from the concert went viral with fans gushing over the rapper`s look. Psy who collaborated with Suga on `That That` was spotted making his way to the concert. The K-pop group Enhypen were also spotted by fans, cheering for Min Yoongi as he kicked off the show.

The rapper began his D-Day concerts in the US, before heading to Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. The rapper will now perform at Seoul, which is home ground.

Here`s how fans reacted-