A social media user has shared his interaction with a middle-aged couple at a party. The couple shared a habit they engage in for fun, not because they lack money. They revealed that they often dine at five-star restaurants in Delhi and Gurgaon, carrying a dead fly with them.

Midway through their meal, they discreetly place the fly in their food and then make a big scene about it. To appease them, the restaurant management usually waives the cost of that dish or sometimes the entire meal. The couple seemed proud of this trick for getting free meals and mentioned that they had done it many times.

The user, Udit Bhandari, found the practice “quite disgusting”. According to him, the couple revealed their tricks because “after a few drinks people lose their inhibitions”. Other users who reacted to the post expressed their opinions that resonated with Bhandari’s.

“I am glad that I haven’t met anyone like them. I thought these types of people existed only in reel life not real. You should start filtering your circle and the people you meet,” wrote one user.

“They seem to be not tight on money. But tight on basic civic sense nd morality,” posted another.

Netizens share similar stories

“My brother used to work in McD part-time long back. He said that many privileged folks come to McD, eat halfway and complain about bread, veggies or ordered something else. They will settle it by replacing another order or providing extra meals as a policy,” wrote another.

“A group of 20-25-year-old boys came in different groups. First, they found an electrical wire in the noodles. Second, they put a piece of glass and hair in the sweets, causing a commotion and getting their entire bill waived. We later discovered that this group of boys brought different people each time to get free food by creating these situations,” came from another.