Akshita Tiwari, who appeared on the TV show Neerja – Ek Nayi Pehchaan, shared a behind-the-scenes video from a shoot recently. In the Instagram Reel, the actor poked fun at her scenes, as well as her co-stars. She also said that one of the scenes was shot like ‘her MMS clip’. Also read: Pakistani writer Yasir Hussain says Indian TV shows are of ‘ghatiya’ quality

Akshita Tiwari is seen on the TV show Neerja – Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

Watch Akshita Tiwari roast her own show

The video, which has over a million views and 3500 comments, opens with Akshita shooting for a scene in which she ‘falls off a building’. She is then seen getting physical with one of her co-stars in what, according to her, looks like a ‘WWE’ fight.

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Akshita, who is also a YouTuber, described her work day as she walked viewers through different sequences during the shoot. She said in Hindi, “I sometimes have to jump off buildings, and other times hang from buildings. Hi, I am Akshita, I do acting for a very small amount of money and fool the audiences.”

Explaining a clandestinely shot scene, she said, “The scene has been recorded like it is not a TV show but my MMS clip.. and here I am, trying to hide on a terrace in the wide open, near a swing.” In another dramatic scene, her co-star chases her, and she almost falls down. Describing it, she says, “Now, this is where our WWE starts.”

Joking about how her ‘cartwheel style’ fall was bad, but her co-actors’ reaction to her falling off a building in a scene was worse, Akshita said, “Please deduct 50 from my fees for this scene. But my co-stars should be fined 100 for their overacting. Out of all three of us, the plants on set did better acting.”

Reactions to the video

“She speaking truth straight for 44 seconds,” read a comment on Akshita’s Instagram Reels. Another wrote, “Didi (sister) just roasted all Indian serials with one vlog.” Someone also left this comment on Akshita’s video, “Girl roasting her own content.” A person commented, “Most honest actress till now.” Another wrote, “She’s going to get fired… guaranteed.” One also commented, “If honesty had a face…”

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